People are depending more and more on their cell phones and PDAs to be able to search on the Web, with new search products for such instruments being launched left and right. Not surprisingly, websites often are playing catch-up.

Huddleston Law Offices knows how important it is to ensure that its website content is optimized for mobile search tools. ?There are currently over 200 million wireless subscribers who are using the mobile Web while on the run. ?Our?site content addresses the needs of mobile users, and considers what is important to users in the mobile context.

Huddleston Law Offices mobile site uses the following best practices:iphone

– Don’t use frames or Flash.

– Give different keyword-rich file names.

– Use optimized heading tags.

– Don’t rely on embedded images, objects or scripts.

– Minimize file size.

– Submit your site to major mobile search engines.

“On the whole, clients and vistors to Huddleston Law Offices mobile website will spend as little time as possible getting to the information that they need.” – Brian Huddleston