In light of the recent earthquakes, you may be wondering how the property and contents of your home or business are covered by existing insurance policies. Damage as a result of an earthquake is not covered by the standard homeowners or business property policy forms. And, like most Oklahomans, you have probably never seriously considered spending the extra money to purchase an optional earthquake endorsement. That is?until Nov. 5 or Nov. 7, when you likely felt your first earthquake. An earthquake endorsement can be added to most home and business policies and the premium is based on the zone you live in and the value of your property.

Most carriers put a hold on adding this coverage for 15 – 30 days following an earthquake, such as the 5.6 magnitude quake, experienced near Sparks, Oklahoma. For FAQs about earthquakes, visit For information on adding earthquake coverage to your home or business policy, contact your local insurance agent.