If you have a disagreement with the assessor, you MUST NOT rely on just phone calls to protest the assessed value of your home.

You must file a written appeal within twenty (20) working days from the date you were mailed your notice of change in assessed value. ?The appeal/protest must be made by filing OTC Form #974 at the County Assessor?s office.

You must set out specifically the reasons for your disagreement with the assessed value, and also provide your own opinion of the home?s market value.? You should attach all comparable sales information as evidence of value.? If you don?t have time to get all the evidence before the filing deadline, get it and bring it to the hearing.

The Assessor?s staff will conduct an informal hearing considering all evidence presented. Final action, concerning the informal appeal, will be taken within five (5) working days of the informal hearing. Notice of this action will be mailed to you.? Within ten (10) working days of the date this notice is mailed or delivered, you may file and appeal with the county board of equalization.? Again, you should research comparable home values, and submit copies of your evidence during each step of the appeal process.