If you do not stop when those red lights are activated for a school bus, or a church bus, and you drive past that bus, in addition to a fine and other penalties such as points on your license and record, you’re going to lose your driver’s license for a year. The law is found at 47 O.S. ? 6-205.A.11 (OSCN 2017). The purpose of this article is help people from being shocked by finding out after they have paid a fairly small ticket that they are losing their driver’s license. When you get a ticket that is for anything more than a minimal speeding ticket, you should contest the charge. Failing to do so can be devastating for a family, for wage earners or for moms who drive to and from school and work.

Oklahoma DPS will suspend your Oklahoma driver?s license if you?re convicted of illegally passing a school bus or a church bus. You must act quickly if you have received a notice of driver?s license suspension for this offense. You may have received a ticket in the mail for meeting or overtaking a school bus. The police don?t even have to be present at the time of the alleged violation for you to receive the citation. The school bus driver who observed the alleged violation merely needs to fill out a simple report and submit it to the police within 24 hours of the violation. 47 O.S. ? 11-705.D (OSCN 2017).

While paying the $100.00 ticket may be the easiest and quickest thing to do, it also is the equivalent of pleading guilty to the offense. You should instead request a hearing for the ticket. Often the school bus driver is unable to identify the person who allegedly passed the bus. If convicted of passing a school bus or church bus, Oklahoma DPS will suspend your Oklahoma driver?s license for one year and add 4 points to your driving record according to the Oklahoma license points schedule.

If you received a passing a school bus ticket in the mail or notice of license suspension, you should talk to an attorney about having the conviction overturned and appealing the suspension.?