Oklahoma has expanded?its limited protection for patients who use low-THC, high-CBD cannabis oil for certain medical conditions, which was initially passed in 2015. HB 2835 allows adults to use low-THC cannabis oil (minors were already covered by existing law) and added ?spasticity due to multiple sclerosis or due to paraplegia, intractable nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation with chronic wasting diseases? to the list of qualifying conditions, in addition to severe epilepsy. Click here?for a summary of the law.

Unfortunately, it is still hard for patients to gain access to cannabis oil in Oklahoma. And, as with all current laws providing access to high-CBD products, the law is very limited and leaves behind most patients who could benefit from whole-plant medical marijuana in various forms,?such as people with cancer, intractable pain, and other serious illnesses.?For a broader look at CBD laws and where they fall short, take a look at an analysis available?here.