‘Outside’ In-House Counsel Services

‘Outside’ In-House Counsel Servicesdsc01524

Huddleston Law Office’s focus is on each individual client?s needs and we pride ourselves in providing personalized and prompt service. We form long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust and confidence.

For companies that can’t afford an in-house lawyer, let alone house one on loan from the outside counsel they can barely afford, Huddleston Law Offices’ solution is to eliminate overhead and offer project-based fees, monthly retainers or a reduced hourly fee.? Huddleston’s fees range from an average of $150 an hour to $200 for specialized or time-intensive work.

Alternative fee arrangements at larger law firms are barely given lip service.? At Huddleston Law Offices they are reality. If companies are looking to reduce costs, they shouldn’t sit around and wait for law firms to start offering up more opportunities for reduced fees. Larger law firms who attempt to act as outside general counsel can’t compete with Huddleston Law Offices because our billing rates are a third to a half of traditional firms.

“It’s impossible for traditional law firms to compete with me when I have lesser square footage.”? Brian Huddleston