Why Hire Brian Huddleston?

Responsiveness and Quality

Large law firms are notorious for poor customer service. Studies consistently reveal that attorneys at large law firms do not promptly return phone calls or answer client questions. Brian Huddleston has the training and experience of a large firm lawyer, but the personal client service of a small business. In other words, as a client of Brian’s, you get the best of both worlds.

Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency

Large law firms provide their lawyers with great salaries, many benefits, and many perks. All that comes at a high price, which is passed along to clients in the form of high hourly rates. Huddleston Law Offices does not have all the high overhead of a large firm, so the result is lower rates to the client for the same high quality legal work.

Valued Client

Since Brian Huddleston is not a large firm with multiple Fortune 500 clients, each and every client is valued, respected, and treated as though they are the most important client he has. The truth is that to Brian Huddleston each client is the most valuable because referrals and repeat business are his lifeline.

Availability and Access to Brian Huddleston

As a private practice dedicated to client service and excellent work product, Brian is happy to have clients contact him day and night. Brian’s cellphone number is printed on his business cards and he regularly takes business calls at night and on weekends. Brian Huddleston wants you to be able to reach him. How many lawyers do that?